The International Real Estate Alliance spoke highly of RAMB at SIMA Madrid 09

Ramb SIMA Madrid

The Director of International Real Estate Alliance, Ignacio Acosta Sorge and the Director of Press  Melissa Dos Santos, visited SIMA 09.

This important event of the Hispanic Industry of Real Estate was celebrated in Madrid with the date of inauguration on May 28, 2009, including more than 200 exhibitors and attracted more than 60000 visitors

During their visit, Mr. Acosta Sorge and Ms. Dos Santos, talked with various exhibitors, visiting different stands, among them, that of RAMB (Realtor Association Miami Beach), an outstanding image with presence and perfect professionalism that was praised extensively by the executives of IREA-AII. There, they spoke with Ms. Teresa King Kinney, CEO of RAMB.

Ms. King Kinney explained this is was their fifth year at SIMA and although it was so much smaller, it was the best for them to this point.

Mr. Acosta Sorge asked about Miami and Florida, to which Ms. King Kinney replied that mostly people from Europe and South America, Russia and Spain are the most interested in her region.

Usually, the first place people ask about is Miami Beach, but they show interest for every area near the water. It depends on where they’re from, for example, Russians love Sunny Isle and Brazilians love Miami Beach and Dural.

Foreigners buying in Miami should take a look at their tax status in their own country. An international attorney would be great advice on taxes; it also has to do with the city since each of the thirty-six cities in Miami, has slightly different tax structures.

RAMB covers greater Miami including Miami Dade, the Beaches and Fort Lauderdale. Prices in Miami compared to Fort Lauderdale are a little higher, but that’s because Miami has the magic, the excitement.

Miami is much nicer than Fort Lauderdale or Orlando, people are friendlier, and they care about each other, whereas in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, they care about business first. Miami is a friendly warm environment where 2.3 million people behave like small town folk, everyone knows each other and it’s affordable to go to quality shops and restaurants, much easier than in New York and San Francisco.

Ms. King Kinney spoke of Miami with such clarity and descriptive language it made you feel like being there.

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